X Open BSUIR Programming Championship

  • Conducted according to standard ICPC rules
  • Teams from 2 to 3 people
  • Participants from all over the world
  • Interesting problems and unforgettable emotions

Two tracks

Junior - school teams


Student - student teams

The Championship is held in 3 stages

Purpose of the Qualification Contest:

  • Let the teams to independently evaluate the level of preparation before participation in the Championship;
  • Select teams that will be able to compete in the second Qualification Contest (Semi-Finals) before reaching the Championship Finals.

The Quarter-Finals is a mandatory qualifying stage for BSUIR teams and school students. Other teams can also participate in this contest if they wish.

Teams that have solved at least half of the given problems pass to the second Qualification Contest (Semi-Finals).

List of participants

Second Contest (Semi-Finals) is held in 2 forms: On-Campus and Online. Participating teams are given from 4 to 12 problems to solve (problem statements are written in English and Russian) in 4-5 hours. Judges are entitled to extend contest in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

BSUIR teams participate in the contest on-campus. Other teams participate in the contest at their educational institutions. Team coaches are responsible for observing obedience to the rules in this case. Participants from other educational institutions who wish to participate in the Semi-Finals on the basis of BSUIR should inform the organizers in advance.

List of participants

Only 30 best teams join next contest (Finals) but no more than:

  • 7 teams of students, graduate students and postgraduate students of the BSUIR;
  • 2 teams from each university or college of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries.

Separate Finals are held for teams from secondary general educational institutions. Not less than 15, not more than 25 teams and not more than one team from each educational institution are invited. Decision on the participation in school Finals for teams in which participants represent different educational institutions is adopted by the organizing committee individually.

By the decision of organizers and judges the number of teams that pass in the next stage, their composition, as well as the quota can be changed.

The Finals of the Championship are conducted on-campus. Participating teams are given from 4 to 12 algorithmic problems to solve (problem statements are written in English and Russian) in 5 hours.

List of Student participants List of Junior participants

Schedule of the Championship


until April 7 inclusive



April 8-10


April 15



Student - April 27

Junior - April 30

Minsk, vulica Hikaly 9


How it was last time


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